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PC31: Cloud Managed Gigabit 4G Router

Pronto Networks PC-31 series routers are high speed LTE advanced routers that provide plug and play wireless connectivity for fixed business venues. Designed for retail, distributed enterprises and POS deployments, the PC-31 is a versatile solution that offers Gigabit Wired Ethernet and 4G Wireless WAN Connectivity

Cloud Managed Enterprise Cloud Controller 

The PC-31 4G gateway routers come cloud enabled and allow for easy visibility of a location’s wired and wireless network from an intuitive web interface. The Pronto Cloud Controller allows partners to rapidly deploy complex Wi-Fi networks while reducing costs. Manage multisite networks remotely and deploy new firmware and enhancements over the web without any need for dedicated onsite resources. With advanced security and routing features, IT team can leverage enterprise features to further encrypt and manage their network

Auto SIM Detection

Automatically detects most SIM cards to setup APN. Just plug the SIM and connect

Multiple SSID

Multiple SSIDs to simplify PCI compliance, create dedicated networks for digital signage & surveillance solutions

LTE Advanced

High speed LTE Advanced for mission critical networking applications

Quality Support

The PC-31 comes with 1 year hardware warranty. For further warranties or details around support packages please contact your Pronto Networks representative

Enterprise Performance

Supports 5 gigabit ethernet ports and integrated dual-concurrent 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz radio with data rates of 1.2Gbps on wireless radios. With high speed 4G/3G wireless connectivity, enterprise can deliver 4G as a primary WAN connection, robust failover or to support M2M technologies

Business Continuity

Multiple functions as Primary access, failover that support flexible deployment scenarios



POS transactions and mission critical devices are protected by VPNs, firewalls and security features

Ideal for a variety of uses

• Point of Sales partners
• Retail branch sites
• Temporary Pop up stores
• Kiosks
• Digital media installations
• Guest Wi-Fi
• Telemetry and IOT solutions

Bring Your Own SIM

Configure carrier settings via Cloud Controller and add your own SIM to enable 4G service. Choose your own service plan from your preferred wireless carrier. Order Code: PIAP-11AC-M2S-SW

Get a Prepaid SIM

Request a fully configured Router with a pre-paid SIM. Pay for only the amount of data used. Perfect for failover or occasional use. Automatically charged to your account.

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